Wrongful Death Attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL Help Clients Deal with Confidentiality Agreements

by | May 24, 2016 | Legal Services

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Wrongful death attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL sometimes encounter a situation in which the defendant in the case agrees to a settlement amount but only if certain aspects of the case are kept confidential. This can cause their client to feel conflicted. It may seem like the defendant is getting away with something to a certain extent if nobody knows what happened. However, if the plaintiff doesn’t agree to the settlement, there may be no settlement offered and the case will proceed to court. That can take a long time, and there is no guarantee of receiving any financial compensation if the judge or jury may find in favor of the defendant.

A confidentiality agreement might only prohibit the plaintiff from telling anyone what the amount of the settlement was. But, if it’s important to the defendant that the situation is never made public, the agreement might forbid the plaintiff from telling anyone any of the details. Wrongful death attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL may submit a revised agreement that allows their client to tell certain individuals, such as a spouse or a financial adviser. If the client signs any confidentiality agreement, there will be a stipulation that the settlement money must be returned if the agreement is broken.

People may, sometimes, see an attorney website listing their successful settlements including the dollar amounts, but not the names of the plaintiff or defendant. These agreements are somewhat common in the realms of medical malpractice and pharmaceutical errors. For obvious reasons, the doctor, medical facility, or pharmacist does not want anyone to know what has happened.

It can be very difficult to adhere to the stringent stipulations set forth in this type of agreement, and that must be considered. It’s possible that a defendant would send out a private investigator or another person under contract at some point to entice the plaintiff into divulging some of the details. If the plaintiff succumbs to temptation, the agreement becomes void. A law firm such as Morris Laing Evans Brock & Kennedy, Chtd can advise the client on decisions that could constitute the best strategy, depending on the circumstances, before proceeding.