When to Talk to a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Cook County, IL and Why?

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Legal Services

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Although many have cut back on their consumer debt, the fact is that loans and credit cards remain key tools for most locals. Making good use of these financial options can be rewarding, as they can allow for the accomplishment of goals that would otherwise require many years of scrimping and saving. At the same time, every new loan or revolving credit card balance represents an obligation that must be kept up with. This means that those who overextend in these ways can easily find themselves facing real troubles.

In many cases, it will be possible to reverse even those loan-related financial difficulties that have become fairly serious. Working with creditors to arrive at more tractable terms for a loan or credit card balance is quite often possible, even for those whose problems seem severe. This is almost always the better first option and becoming engaged in this way as early as possible always makes for better chances of succeeding when it comes to resolving such issues.

For some locals, though, even these options will not provide the needed relief. At that point, it can make sense to consider bankruptcy, a commonly used legal tool for effectively resetting one’s financial state. Schedule free consultation time with a bankruptcy lawyer at Giannola Legal LLC in Cook County, IL, and it will be relatively easy to decide whether this option is at all likely to make sense for a particular person or family.

In order to arrive at that conclusion, a bankruptcy lawyer in Cook County, IL will, naturally enough, need to be properly apprised of a person’s financial situation. That will include assembling the details of all existing debts, as well as account balances, other assets, and sources of income. Once all the necessary information has been put together and analyzed, the question as to whether bankruptcy will be a worthwhile option typically becomes fairly easy to answer.

While it can provide real relief to many, bankruptcy does come with a price of its own. In addition to the work associated with the process itself, those who move through it can expect to find credit to be harder to come by for years to come.