The Basics of a Retainer Agreement With the Law Office of Raoul J LeClerc

by | May 25, 2016 | Lawyer

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When one hires an attorney with the Law Office Of Raoul J LeClerc, they may do so on a retainer agreement. The retainer is a down payment given to the lawyer, which secures their services and shows the client’s intent to hire. Some funds may be used during the case, but the money is kept in a separate account. Remaining legal fees are typically paid after the case is over, through a contingency fee or other arrangement.

Is it Necessary to Have a Retainer Agreement?

Retainer fee arrangements are not required; there is no law that mandates attorneys and clients to form such an agreement. Entry into a retainer arrangement is voluntary, and it depends on the preferences of the involved parties. However, if a client and Attorney Raoul J LeClerc decide to create an agreement, it should be done in writing. A written contract helps to clarify terms on payment amounts, usage of funds and legal remedies in the event of a conflict. Once the parties sign the contract, it becomes legally enforceable.

Violations of a Retainer Agreement

A violation can occur in multiple ways, such as those listed below.

• The attorney neglects to put the retainer funds in escrow.

• The lawyer uses the money for personal purchases rather than for its intended purpose.

• There are issues regarding payment amounts and terms.

Once a retainer is paid, it’s not refundable. Therefore, the client should use foresight when they enter a retainer agreement. Legal remedies for violations typically involve monetary damages. For instance, an attorney may have to pay damages to the client to compensate them for losses sustained when funds are improperly used.

Does a Client Need a Lawyer’s Help With Questions Regarding Retainers?

When a client deals with considerations such as attorney’s fees, retainer agreements are an important factor. One may need to consult an attorney if they have a question or concern about a retainer agreement. A lawyer with the Law Office Of Raoul J LeClerc can offer legal advice that is specific to one’s situation, and they can provide courtroom representation if the client needs to file a suit against another attorney.