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Why Hire a Scaffold Accident Lawyer in Norwich, CT

It’s not uncommon for construction sites to use scaffolding rather than ladders to accommodate employees working at height. These may be purchased or rented from a third-party or constructed by members of the construction team itself. Generally speaking, working from scaffolding is safer than working from ladders, but that doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen.

When a worker falls or is injured during a scaffolding accident, he or she will likely be eligible to receive compensation for any injuries incurred. It’s important for workplace injury victims to hire a dedicated scaffold accident lawyer in Norwich, CT as soon as possible after the incident, though. Read on to find out why.

Risks of Scaffolding

For the most part, those injured during scaffolding accidents are the workers who are working from these structures. Injuries may be caused by improper installation, improper operation, defects, safety equipment issues, or improper training. When scaffolding collapses, other workers on the ground or even pedestrians in the area may also be injured.

Employer Requirements

Contracting firms that are using scaffolding for any purpose are required to train workers on their safe use before allowing them up on the platform. This training should include information on how to maintain balance and how to use safety equipment, which must also be provided and must be checked routinely for defects. If an employer fails to take these precautionary measures, the company may be held liable for any injuries that occur as a result.

Minimizing Risk

While it’s true that working from scaffolding always poses a small risk of injury, the safety equipment designed for these situations should minimize this risk. If appropriate steps were not taken by the employer to provide safety equipment and training on how to use it, it’s often possible for workers to receive additional compensation on top of their workers’ comp benefits. Consulting a scaffold accident lawyer in Norwich, CT is always the best way to ensure that injured workers receive maximum benefits.

Learn More Today

Readers who have been injured in scaffolding accidents, whether they are workers or bystanders, can contact Stephen M. Reck regarding their legal options and how to proceed. Visit the website to learn more about this dedicated lawyer and his firm today.