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Call a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Topeka, KS for Expert Guidance

There are several paths in the category of bankruptcy, each of which leads to a unique result. These plans are given names according to the chapter of code that describes them. Chapter 11 and chapter 13 are two of those, and they apply to the process of reorganization of the affairs of the person in debt.

Chapter 7

This chapter provides the process by which a person in debt can get rid of most debt, allowing them to start over. But there are negative effects in this plan, which is why individuals considering bankruptcy should consult with a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney before making any final decisions. The word “liquidation” is often associated with this process because assets are sold to provide funds for paying creditors. The debtor is then free of the debts.

Because changes in the law (2005) made it more difficult to qualify under chapter 7, it’s essential to have a legal professional providing guidance and advice as the filing moves forward. A chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Topeka, KS can be crucial to achieve success. The experience and knowledge this expert brings to the table will be extremely valuable.


There are requirements for eligibility, sometimes referred to as the means test. If the person in debt does not meet these requirements, the case can be considered as a chapter 13 bankruptcy. While many assets are sold to meet the payment demands of creditors, the individual is allowed to keep some property. If you have questions or concerns about this subject, contact us for an initial consultation.

The asset exemption includes a primary residence, an automobile and some personal property. Your chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney is prepared to guide you as to which laws and requirements apply to your case. It’s always best to have legal guidance when you’re considering bankruptcy.