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How to Get Help From the Social Security Disability Attorneys in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Filing for Social Security Disability can sometimes be a confusing process. The process is meant to be straightforward, but issues can sometimes arise that lead to a person experiencing problems. When issues begin to arise, it is important for individuals to understand they have options for working with the Social Security Disability Attorneys in Wilkes-Barre PA.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Providing the right paperwork and medical records are vital for being approved for Social Security Disability. If a person does not provide all of the right information, there can be long delays and denials. The Social Security Disability Attorneys in Wilkes-Barre PA help individuals from the beginning of the process or once the injured party has been denied benefits.

An attorney can help to ensure all of the right information is provided and the paperwork has been carefully filled out. They know what the administration looks for, and they can help their client to avoid delays and denials.

If a denial is given, it is especially important an individual considers working with an attorney. The appeal’s process involves two steps. The first step is an informal one and is merely a request for the department to review the application to ensure the decision was a correct one. If a second denial is given, the individual can make a formal appeal.

This appeal takes place before an administrative law judge and the judge is responsible for making the decision. An attorney will represent their client and work to make sure their client receives the disability benefits they deserve.

How to Get Started

Getting started on the process involves scheduling a consultation meeting with the attorney. The attorney will have the client sign a release so the medical records can be obtained. These records are vital for pursuing a disability claim.

Although the process of pursuing disability is sometimes a lengthy one, the individual will receive back payments from the first day they applied for their benefits. If you are unable to work due to an illness or injury, allow the attorney to help you pursue your disability claim. Call The Law Office of Robert D. Elias right away. You can also follow them on Twitter.