When to Hire a Funeral Home Negligence Attorney in Pembroke Pines, FL

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Legal Services

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When a loved one dies, his or her friends and family members expect to be able to celebrate the deceased’s life and mourn his or her passing at a respectful and dignified funeral. Dealing with death is never pleasant, but if the funeral home mishandles or abuses the deceased’s body, it can turn into a nightmare for those left behind. Read on to find out when to hire a Funeral Home Negligence Attorney in Pembroke Pines FL who can help.

Embalming Errors

Improperly embalming or storing a human body can lead to excessive decomposition, causing disfigurement and sometimes preventing loved ones from being able to view the body prior to burial. This form of funeral home negligence is common and sometimes leads to the need for cremating bodies that were intended for burial.

Cremation Mistakes

Common cremation mistakes include cremating the wrong bodies, giving the cremated remains to the wrong family, losing the remains, or allowing them to come into contact with other ashes. Some funeral homes even cremate bodies without family members’ permission in an attempt to hide other forms of negligence. If this happens, it’s always a good idea to call a Funeral Home Negligence Attorney in Pembroke Pines FL.

Improper Treatment of Remains

Funeral homes can also be held liable for other forms of mishandling aside from improper storage, embalming, and cremation. While they’re uncommon, there have been instances of mutilation, misplacement of bodies, use of one casket to bury multiple bodies, and using defective caskets. Some family members even report funeral directors for presenting them with the wrong remains.

Cemetery Negligence

Sometimes, improper care is administered long after the funeral. If cemetery overseers do not follow the deceased’s or his or her family member’s wishes during a burial, move the body without permission after the initial burial, or bury multiple bodies in one plot to save money, they can be held liable. Even failing to tend to grave sites can lead to emotional distress for families, and cemetery overseers can be held liable for this issue, too.

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