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Hiring A Child Custody Attorney In Maricopa, AZ

Divorce or the dissolution of a relationship if there are children involved, even if the parents are not married, is a difficult time for many people. One of the most common areas of disagreement and conflict for couples is over child custody issues.

Child custody in Maricopa, AZ, as in the rest of the country, has implications for both parents. Hiring a child custody attorney if you cannot agree with your spouse as to who will be the primary caregiver for your child or children is essential. In addition, when issues with regards to child support are in question, a specialized attorney in child custody matters can explain your options and your rights under the law.

There are other issues where hiring a child custody attorney in Maricopa, AZ, should be a priority. Often these cases are complicated and may involve a range of different issues from fitness to parent a child through to concerns about a new partner in the life of the ex-spouse.

Multiple Jurisdictions

Cases that include parents living in different states or sometimes even in different countries are incredibly complicated. This can be even more challenging if the child is not with you but with the ex. A child custody attorney who understands the complexity of these types of cases can be instrumental in coming to a resolution either through mediation or through the courts.

Safety Concerns for the Child

Working with experienced child custody lawyers is essential if there are concerns that the children are in an unsafe situation or even in potentially neglectful or dangerous situations. The attorneys at Alexander Law Offices recommend that immediate danger be handled by the police, which includes a call from the concerned parent to 911.

There may be other options as well, including restraining orders or injunctions by a family court judge to move the children out of potential danger until the case can be heard in court.

If you believe you need an experienced child custody attorney in Maricopa, AZ, talk to the attorneys at Alexander Law Offices. For more information on our practice areas, see us online at You can also visit them on Facebook.