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Understanding the Payment Process for Bail and a Cash Surety Bond in Tyler TX

A person who is considering bailing a loved one out of jail should not do this if losing the money would be a hardship. Bail is refunded at the end of a case, but only if the defendant shows up for all court hearings and other scheduled appearances. A Cash Surety Bond in Tyler TX may be better option, although the person who signs the contract may still be considered responsible if the defendant takes off.

Paying Cash Bail vs. a Bond Fee

In many cases, bail is set by an automatic schedule for the more common nonviolent crimes and even for some violent offenses. Obtaining a Cash Surety Bond in Tyler TX requires paying a fee that is a certain percentage of the cash bail, such as 10 percent. If even that amount is too high, the defendant may have to wait for a bail hearing. The defendant’s lawyer will attempt to convince the judge to reduce the amount of bail. Laws in the jurisdiction may prohibit this for certain felony offenses, however.

Another possibility is to work out a payment arrangement with the bonding agency. Most organizations offer this option to qualified applicants. They also usually accept payment by credit card.

Licensed Agencies

Bail bond agencies in Texas are licensed by the state, which allows the organizations to do business there. Not every state allows these types of businesses, which leaves many defendants behind bars for weeks or even months without being convicted of a crime. Legislators in those states express concern about defendants having to pay a nonrefundable fee for their release instead of refundable bail. This concern is no help to the many men and women who do not have the money to pay bail.

Quick Release

When a loved one has been arrested, it can be difficult to figure out what to do next. Fortunately, organizations like Strike Three Bonds are available to explain the bail and bonds process. If the person qualifies for a bond and can pay the fee, the defendant can be released from jail quickly. After someone is arrested for a criminal offense, their friends and relatives can find information on the surety bond process at Sitename. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.