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How Bail Bond Services in Childress County, TX. Can Help You

In Childress County, criminal defendants must attend their arraignment before they are able to acquire release from county lockup in most cases. This process allows the court to charge them formally with the crime for which they are accused. It is also during this process that the judge identifies the required bail.

This value is based on the defendant’s previous record as well as the severity of the crime. Bail bond services in Childress County, TX. could provide answers for these defendants who need to secure a bond.

Arranging Release from County Lockup

The bondsman could help the defendant arrange for release. They process the bail bond and provide the appropriate paperwork to the court and the county jail. To acquire their release, the bondsman needs the complete name for the defendant as well as their booking number and the name of the facility in which they are being held.

Defining the Required Fees for the Bond

The bail bond is secured via a payment for a specific percentage of the total value. The least value possible is ten percent of the bail. However, some bondsman could charge up to fourteen percent. The county in which the defendant is being held could also affect this value. The bondsman calculates the total value required for the bond and provides this information to the defendant or their representative.

What are the Provisions Related to the Bond?

The provisions of the bond apply to a guarantee that the defendant appears in court on the date provided by the court. The bond is a guarantee on the bondsman’s part that they will ensure that the defendant appears as directed. If they do not appear, a bench warrant is signed for their immediate arrest.

Childress County defendants are released from county lockup by paying their bail or purchasing a bail bond. The requirements for the bail bond depend on the percentage required by the bondsman. Defendants could secure the bond via cash or credit card payments. They may also offer property as collateral for the bond. Defendants who need bail bond services in Childress County, TX. should contact Texoma Bail Bonds to get out bail bonds for additional details.