Three Questions to Ask a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Legal Exclusive

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Hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Houston is essential if you’ve been accused of a crime. But for many people, the idea of hiring an attorney is more intimidating than being charged with a crime. It’s important to carefully vet any attorney you’re considering and determine if he or she is the right choice for you.

What are three questions you can ask a criminal defense lawyer in Houston that will help you hire the best possible lawyer for your case?

1. What are Your Fees?

This is the most basic of questions and one of the most important. You need to know how much the attorney will charge you as their client. While the cost of an attorney should never be the most important or only consideration, it’s a practical matter and you need to know. If you are initially unsure of how you’ll pay for an attorney qualified to represent you, consider asking about payment plans or using a credit card to cover the fees.

2 Do You Recommend a Plea Deal?

For many people accused of a crime, a plea deal is the best possible outcome. It guarantees you’ll not be convicted of the most severe charges and it allows you to move forward with a lesser punishment.

As beneficial as plea deals can be for people accused of crimes, they aren’t right for everyone. Understanding an attorney’s approach and ensuring the two of you are on the same page is an important factor in determining whether or not an attorney is right for you.

3. How Will We Communicate?

Ongoing communication with your criminal defense lawyer in Houston is essential and you need to know what to expect. That said, attorneys aren’t able to be available to all clients at all times. Knowing how and when you’ll communicate with an attorney gives you peace of mind.