Types of Malpractice Claims a Joliet, IL Lawyer Can Help You Defend

by | Dec 4, 2023 | Legal Exclusive

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Although healthcare professionals have a duty to do no harm, sometimes they make mistakes. When errors occur during the treatment of patients, victims have rights that medical malpractice lawyers in Joliet, IL will defend.

Medical negligence can leave you or a loved one with serious injuries and losses. Some conditions worsen. Others lead to serious disabilities.

Here are three common medical malpractice issues that require calling a lawyer for help.

Delayed or Missed Diagnoses

A delayed diagnosis occurs when your condition is incorrectly assessed during the initial examination. With a misdiagnosis, your physician assesses the wrong condition or says no medical condition exists.

Both can lead to devastating consequences for your health. On one hand, you receive treatment for the wrong condition. On the other hand, your health suffers more complications from an untreated illness.

Failure to Treat Correct Diagnosis

Even if you are diagnosed correctly, your physician might not diligently ensure you receive proper and timely treatment. This could be due to prioritizing profits over your safety. It could also result in your physician having too many patients for proper attentive care.

Medication Errors

You can suffer serious harm from mistakes made with the prescription and administering of medications. This type of medical malpractice also occurs from miscommunication and not monitoring how the medications may affect you.

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