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Get Expert Legal Counsel for Claims & Appeals Regarding SSI in Tucson, AZ

Many individuals are unsure of the procedures involved with filing for or appealing a ruling regarding SSI in Tucson, AZ. These funds are set aside until a person reaches retirement age or develops certain disabilities expected to last for a lengthy period of time or forever. More people are getting expert legal counsel when dealing with this process.

How Long Does it Take for SSI Benefits to Kick In After Approval?

Since the Social Security Administration is a government-run agency, the wait can be long due to the many-tiered services that this organization handles. Most experts on SSI and SSDI payments strongly urge people to file as soon as they can to get faster approval. Employees who get hurt on the job or otherwise develop a serious injury or disability may not know that they could be eligible for these benefits.

Are SSI Payments Subject to Taxes?

In general, SSI payments are technically subject to taxes, but if the person’s overall income and asset holdings are low enough, they may not have to file taxes. Typically, for a single adult who receives SSI benefits, the IRS only looks at about one-half of the amount that the person receives each month or as a yearly total.

What Happens if Someone Is Denied Their SSI Claim?

Many denials for SSI claims are minor technicalities according to a knowledgeable attorney familiar with SSI in Tucson, AZ. Contact Slepian Smith Ellexson, PLLC, or visit their website to learn more about SSI.