Hire an Employment Rights Attorney in Springfield MA for Legal Protection

by | May 25, 2016 | Lawyers

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Employment rights protect work environment quality and safety for business owners and employees. Laws cover multiple subjects, such as hour and wage issues, employment discrimination and disability leave. Typically, employment rights are federally governed, but jurisdictions write individual laws. Some employees have additional rights provided under an employment contract. Read on to learn about union roles, employees’ rights, and what happens when those rights are violated.

The Role of the Union

In some corporations, workers belong to a labor union. These unions are organizations that study, research and observe the business to ensure its compliance with employment rights laws. If the union thinks there’s a violation, they and an Employment Rights Attorney Springfield MA may enter negotiations with the company to solve the problem.

When Rights are Violated

A violation of employment rights law can result in legal penalties for involved parties. For example, a liable party may have to pay damages to reimburse a plaintiff for losses incurred because of the violation. Additionally, the employer can suffer consequences such as license loss or mandatory supervisory changes. Employers are required to deal with employees in good faith, and willful conduct can result in steep criminal fines.

Employees’ Rights

Certain basic rights, such as the right to fair compensation, privacy, a safe workplace and freedom from discrimination, protect employees. Even before hiring occurs, a prospective employee has the legal right to be free of discrimination based on gender, age, race, religion or national origin. An employee’s privacy rights include the right to be free of invasion of personal possessions, and to have a storage locker that’s not employer-accessible. Employees also have privacy rights where mail, telephone calls and voicemails are concerned. Visit website for more info about hiring an employment rights attorney in Springfield, MA.

Does a Worker Need an Attorney’s Help With Employment Rights Law Violations?

If a person needs legal representation or clarification of employment rights, they may need to hire a local employment attorney. A lawyer with Connor Morneau & Olin can help a worker understand their legal rights, and they can determine if any of those rights have been violated. If a worker needs to file a lawsuit over a violation, an Employment Rights Attorney Springfield MA can help them obtain the correct legal remedy.