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State-Level Laws for Bail Bonding Throughout Georgia, plus Douglasville, GA

People have mixed feelings about the fact that the United States still offers cash bail. Whether you like it or not – or whether you expect to be jailed or not in your lifetime – you should understand the rules and regulations surrounding every bail bondsman in Douglasville, GA.

How Much Can Bail Bondsmen Charge?

Bail bonding exists on both the federal and state level in the United States. In the Peach State – none other than Georgia, also known as the Goober State, oddly enough – the state has two different maximum fee limits that bail bondsmen are allowed to charge.

Bail bond agencies can charge as much as 12% of the defendant’s bail amount for dollar values ranging up to $10,000; the second maximum bail bond premium is 15% for bonds with dollar values greater than $10,000. Also, it’s possible for defendants to relinquish their driver’s license as collateral for all bonds totaling a maximum of $1,000.

Preset Bonds Are Common in Georgia

Preset bonds are permissible set through bond schedules. Charges are given dollar amounts that must be posted to qualify for pre-trial release. This helps defendants get out of jail much more quickly than if judges had to manually set bail.

How Long Can It Take to Set Bail?

All defendants taken to jail on charges not involving warrants must be given bail within 48 hours of arrest. Conversely, defendants who have warrant-related cases may have to wait for as long as 72 hours after being arrested.

Allow Us to Help You

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