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Fight for Worker’s Compensation Benefits With an Lawyer of Greeley CO

If you have suffered a workplace injury, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation. Let our Workers Compensation Lawyer Greeley CO assist you in getting benefits. We are dedicated to fighting for compensation involving medical benefits, temporary disability, or permanent disability. Our law office has over 30 years of experience, and we are experts in maximizing worker’s compensation benefits.

How We Can Help

Begin by scheduling a free consultation with us to determine if our office is best for you. Then we can take some of the stress off your shoulders. Our attorneys can help you by providing proper notice to your employer and it’s insurance carrier to expedite the benefits process. We will focus on getting you benefits to replace lost wages and costs associated with your injury. Most importantly, we are skilled at negotiating settlements.

Types of Cases We Represent

Our Workers Compensation Lawyer Greeley CO represents cases including repetitive motion injuries, lost wages, worker’s compensation appeals, and serious work injuries.

It is important to have someone fighting for your rights. Your work-related injury case is handled on a contingency fee basis, so we only get paid if you win your case.

How to Reach us

We know that work-related injuries are hard on you and your family. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping you. Don’t let the expenses pile up, let us get started on your case. Contact Richard Blundell Law Offices so we can get you financial compensation.