Outlining Strategies with a Product Liability Lawyer in Norwich, CT

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Lawyers

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In Connecticut, federal laws protect consumers from hazardous products created and distributed by manufacturers. Under the laws, all products must be tested and inspected for issues that could produce consumer injuries. A product liability lawyer in Norwich, CT explains the laws and outlines strategies for cases.

Should the Consumer Contact the Consumer Rights Protection Agency?

The consumer could benefit from contacting the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. A report is filed with adequate information about the product and the manufacturer. The agency assesses the report and determines if the product is hazardous and caused the consumer’s injuries. If more than one report is filed, the agency may launch a recall for the product.

What Are the Responsibilities of Manufacturers Under Federal Laws?

The manufacturer is required by law to test the product design and correct any flaws they find. Any risks associated with the product that could produce injuries should be remedied. Any conditions that produce injuries under specific circumstances only require the manufacturer to place warning labels on the product. The labels should provide instructions for using the product without sustaining injuries.

How to Present the Case Initially

The motion is filed and the defendant is notified. The motion explains why the claimant is suing the manufacturer and provides details about the victim’s financial losses. The defendant can present an offer to the victim’s attorney. Negotiations may take place if each party wants to settle out of court.

Going to Trial

When a settlement isn’t possible, the case goes to trial. Essentially, a judge and jury evaluate the case and determine what percentage of the blame is assigned to each party. All testing results from the product evaluations provide evidence that establishes whether the manufacturer failed the consumers and caused their injuries.

In Connecticut, federal laws apply to all products that are released to consumers. The laws protect the right of consumers to expect safe products that won’t cause injuries. When consumers sustain injuries, a manufacturer must provide compensation for the consumer’s financial losses. Victims of these failures should contact a product liability lawyer in Norwich, CT like Stephen M. Reck or visit the website for more information now.