Divorce Attorneys in Temecula Understand the Importance of Negotiations

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Lawyers

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There are plenty of misconceptions about how divorces are settled and, unfortunately, television shows and movies are usually the main culprits for these misconceptions. It is true that there are times where divorces may end up being settled in court. However, in most cases, smart attorneys know that the way to get a divorce done as quickly and as amicably as possible is by handling it on the negotiation table.

Amiable Negotiations

There are many situations that divorce attorneys in Temecula will face. For example, there are times where divorcing couples have seen a divorce coming for a while and, outside of the unpleasantness of a marriage relationship dissolving, they are typically quite easy to work with. In these situations, sometimes the attorneys are simply there to help get through certain impasses or to make sure that the wording in a divorce settlement is legally acceptable.

Contested Divorces

There are times where divorce attorneys in Temecula will have to deal with spouses that are very much at odds with each other. There could be resentment for a wide range of different reasons and much of this resentment, animosity and emotion spills out when they start to negotiate a divorce settlement or agreement. Fortunately, a divorce attorney has likely seen all of these scenarios before and they understand how to get their clients past the emotions that could potentially derail negotiations.

The Final Nature of Negotiations

Going into court is difficult because it’s hard to predict how a judge might rule on particular issues. Divorce attorneys understand this, which is why they work so hard to keep everything at the negotiation table. The only thing they’ll want a judge to do is to sign off on an agreed-upon divorce settlement making it a legally binding agreement. The last thing they want is for a judge to decide important matters that could negatively impact their client.

If you’re looking for a divorce attorney, you’ll probably want to look for one that understands the nuances of negotiation. Unlike what is seen in television and movies, most of the divorce attorney’s work is done at the negotiation table and not in open court. Having an attorney from the Law Office of Michelle Penna that understands negotiation is essential. To learn more about this law office and how they can represent you, you may want to browse the website for more information.