Get Compensation for Damages with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Fort Collins

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Legal Exclusive

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Driving is a great responsibility. When a person gets behind the wheel, they must focus on the road and follow the traffic laws. Unfortunately, when these rules are not followed, serious injuries can occur. When injured in an accident, it is important to hold the responsible party accountable for the damages from the accident. The responsible driver is accountable for the economic and non-economic damages of that accident. An auto accident lawyer in Fort Collins can help with this.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the damages that occur as a direct result of the accident. These damages are a little easier to put a dollar amount on to seek compensation from the responsible party. These damages include any and all medical bills from the injury. They also include any ongoing treatment or care due to the injury. In addition, any loss of work or inability to work due to the injury is included. Other costs and expenses that result from the injury, such as medical devices to help with the disability, are included.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages can occur due to the accident or the injury itself. These damages are a little more complicated and can be difficult to determine a set dollar amount to. These damages often include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and impairments from the accident. These are also the responsibility of the at-fault driver. An auto accident lawyer in Fort Collins can help with these damages.

Insurance Companies

For many of these accidents, an insurance company that provides coverage to the at-fault driver will provide compensation for these damages. However, an insurance company is a for-profit business and will try to keep their payouts as low as possible. Often, they will attempt to settle with the injured party quickly, sometimes before the full extent of their injuries are known. Once the injured person signs the settlement, they have no recourse to get additional compensation for further damages.

An attorney can help ensure the right compensation is paid to cover any and all damages that came from these injuries. They can even deal directly with the insurance company to ensure a fair settlement is reached. Law offices, such as Burton & Burton, can provide professional help in these situations.