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by | Jul 4, 2018 | Attorneys

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If you are dealing with a disability claim, hiring veterans benefits attorneys can make the process much smoother. Of course, you can apply and appeal for benefits in Kentucky on your own. However, there are numerous benefits to hiring professional help for all stages of the benefits process, including the application and possible appeal.


Hiring a lawyer does not technically help the VA office process your benefits application any faster. However, it still can speed the process up. When you hire lawyers, their job is to ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible. This means that they address any issues or concerns with the application without delay. Also, they can be reached by VA employees who may have questions or need follow up an application at any time throughout the day. When you apply on your own, you may run into delays and complications with communication, slowing down the application process.


Using a lawyer to file your application or to argue your appeal is the easiest way to go through the process. Lawyers who specialize in these types of claims have filed numerous ones in the past. Consequently, they are very familiar with the process and the paperwork that needs to be completed, making it much easier for them to draft and file the paperwork than someone who has never gone through the process before.

Less Stress

Applying on your own can be very stressful. You may be asked for supplementary documentation to support your case, which can be difficult to find. In a worst-case scenario, your application may even be denied, resulting in the need for an appeal. Handling this on your own can be scary and stressful. When you hire skilled lawyers, they can handle all of this work on your behalf.

Speed up the application process by hiring veterans benefits attorneys. Contact Jackson and MacNichol at for help in Kentucky today.