After Suffering an Injury, Contacting a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Hawaii Will Often be Wise

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Lawyer

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Walking is a great way to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii while getting some valuable exercise. Most people walk significant distances every day without problems. On the other hand, dangers are always lurking, especially when cars, trucks, and even bicycles are in the area. Each year, many residents of and visitors to Hawaii end up being struck and injured while simply walking around. Getting in touch with a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Hawaii after any such injury will almost always be wise.

Walking is More Dangerous Than Many Realize

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association estimates that about 5,000 pedestrians die in the average year after being struck by vehicles. With tens of thousands more suffering injuries, walking is significantly more dangerous than many would expect.

Even pedestrians who are most responsible about using crosswalks and obeying traffic signals can easily be struck by vehicles piloted by inattentive drivers. While pedestrians have the legal right of way in many situations, that will never be a consolation when a collision causes an injury.

After being involved in such an unfortunate situation, it will always be best to arrange for any medical treatment that might be required. Once that important step has been taken, getting in touch with a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Hawaii like one of those at will often be the best next move.

Pedestrians Represented by Attorneys Inevitably Fare Better

Some pedestrians who end up suffering injuries assume they will be able to work things out for themselves. That will often mean being forced to personally negotiate with the representatives or attorneys of insurance companies, and this typically proves to be much more difficult than expected.

As a result, most who do not make an effort to get in touch with attorneys find themselves losing out significantly. Whether that means accepting an insufficiently generous settlement or going without compensation entirely, that single lapse can end up being very costly.

Pedestrians who instead consult attorneys almost always find themselves in much better shape. When a driver hits a pedestrian and causes an injury, being sure to obtain all the compensation that might be justified will always be productive.