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How To Get A Bail Bond From A Forth Worth Bondsman

In Texas, bail bonding companies provide assistance for any criminal defendants who are eligible for bail. Criminal defendants are arrested and detained at the county jail. Correctional officers complete the booking process after the arrest and create a file for the defendant. A local Fort Worth Bondsman provides bail bonds according to the type of crime for which the defendant is accused.

Establish Eligibility for Bail

The criminal defendant is required to attend an arraignment during which the judge determines if they are eligible for bail. The type of crime and their previous record determines if the defendant is a flight risk or a danger to society. If the judge doesn’t believe the defendant is a flight risk or a serious threat, then the defendant receives bail.

Give the Bondsman the Correct Information

When purchasing a bail bond, the criminal defendant’s details must be exactly right. The bonding agent needs the defendant’s full name, booking number, and the name of the county jail where they are held. The bonding agent files documents with the county criminal clerk and obtains a judge’s signature.

Pay the Correct Fees or Provide Collateral

The defendant or a representative must pay a fee based on a predetermined percentage of the bail. The standard fee ranges between ten and fourteen percent. The bonding agent receives either a cash or credit card payment, or the agent is provided collateral that is the same value as the bail amount.

Complete All Obligations of the Bond

The criminal defendant must attend all court appearances as directed by the court. Any fines must be paid according to the schedule set up the court. The defendant cannot violate any of the terms of their release including the consumption of alcohol or using any controlled substances. Some jurisdictions require drug and alcohol screenings for all defendants.

In Texas, bail bonding companies assist all criminal defendants who are approved for bail. Their services include but are not limited to the issuance of bail bonds and assistance getting to the court appearance. Criminal defendants who need help from a Fort Worth Bondsman contact Your Local Bail Bond Experts for further details about getting out of jail now.