A Personal Injury Attorney in Nassau County, NY and an Autoimmune Disorder Diagnosis After an Accident

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Lawyers

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A growing body of research indicates that autoimmune disorders are more likely to develop after the person has experienced significant trauma. When someone has been in a serious car accident caused by another driver’s behavior, it may be possible that an autoimmune disease developing afterward is linked with the collision. It may be difficult to convince an insurer of this, so a personal injury attorney in Nassau County, NY will likely be needed to make a strong case.

The First Point

The first point of concern is whether the person has already accepted money from the insurer. If so, this person cannot make a new claim for more. If the case is still under consideration because the person had not yet reached maximum medical improvement, then a personal injury attorney in Nassau County, NY can include this new health problem along with the evidence that the accident is a full or partial cause.

Maybe this individual was not seriously injured and did not make a claim. However, post-traumatic stress leading to an autoimmune disorder may still be a possibility. The insurer will expect a definitive diagnosis by at least one psychiatrist.

Expert Insight

Information from the Bingham Memorial Hospital reports that autoimmune disorders always involve an environmental disruption, and they cite car accidents as one of the possibilities. The death of a loved one is another example. The condition can even begin after a pregnancy. Of course, nearly everyone who experiences these circumstances does not develop an autoimmune disease. Another essential factor is genetics.

Convincing an Insurer

With increasing medical evidence that post-traumatic stress after a car accident can lead to lupus, fibromyalgia and other autoimmune conditions, the person may want to contact an organization such as the Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III. Professional legal counsel is crucial for convincing an insurance company that financial compensation is deserved, as representatives can usually be pretty skeptical.

The legal team may need to gather their research from academic journals they can find online and present it to the insurer. Additional doctors may be required to verify the connection. Anyone interested in discussing this matter with a lawyer can visit the website to get started.