Questions to Ask a Probate Attorney in Topeka KS

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Lawyer

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Being chosen as an estate representative for a family member or friend is a substantial responsibility, one that usually requires the person to navigate the complex probate law system. Having a knowledgeable probate attorney in Topeka KS can make the process go faster, which allows the representative to focus on their family. Clients can find the right lawyer by asking the questions listed below.

What Portion of the Practice Is Focused on Probate Law?

Depending on various factors, a client may need a lawyer with a deep understanding of the probate process. For instance, if a client expects the will to be challenged, the case’s outcome may be dependent on the lawyer’s experience.

How Long Has the Attorney Practiced?

While a young lawyer is perfectly capable of giving good service, it is typically in a client’s best interest to hire a firm with experience and a reputation for proper results. Clients should not hesitate to ask for references from past clients with similar issues, as they can provide an idea of the level of service to be expected.

What Kind of Probate Should Be Used?

Depending on the paperwork left behind by the decedent and the family dynamics, a probate lawyer may recommend a formal or informal opening of the estate. An informal opening is simpler and faster, but a lawyer can help the client decide whether the formal process would be more appropriate.

Has the Attorney Practiced in the Local Probate Court?

Every county and every judge have a preference on how they prefer paperwork to be prepared and submitted. Hiring a lawyer with experience in the local court can head off delays and simplify the process.

How Long Will Probate Take?

While it is impossible for an attorney to offer a precise timeline, they should be able to provide a rough estimate without accounting for unexpected delays or problems within the estate.

At a local probate law firm, the team takes pride in their detailed knowledge of the court system as well as the individualized attention provided to each client. Call Debenham Law Office LLC or visit the website to schedule a consultation with a probate attorney in Topeka KS.