Hiring A Same Sex Family Lawyer To Settle Child Custody After a Break-Up

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Legal Exclusive

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No one will deny that the breakup of a relationship, no matter what the circumstances, is difficult. But, when a same-sex couple is considering a breakup, there may be additional challenges they must face. Same sex laws are changing rapidly and, because of this, it’s important to speak to a Same Sex Family Lawyer such as one at The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel when considering a separation or divorce from a same-sex partner, especially when children are involved.

Unfortunately, when a couple is in love and thinking about “forever,” most don’t want to plan for the “what-ifs,” but in a same-sex relationship, especially when children enter the picture, it’s important to face the facts and make some plans. It may be surprising to learn, but most same-sex laws do not view both partners as legal parents in a relationship. Because of this, usually, only one legal parent is recognized by law, leaving the other parent potentially out in the cold when it comes to any type of child custody or care.

Because this is such a new topic with ever-changing laws, many attorneys are not well versed in tackling the dilemma of same-sex relationships. This is why it is of utmost importance to speak to a Same Sex Family Lawyer when broaching this subject. The right lawyer can make the difference in a satisfactory or unsatisfactory agreement for the couple. A skilled attorney will work to negotiate a family visitation plan that will, hopefully, please all parties involved, keeping in mind the most important party in a case such as this is the child.

Children are the ones who are losing their stability during a breakup, and all the others involved need to remember to put them first. Children are not pawns in a game where they can be “won” or “lost.” Sadly, many couples fight over children not really for the good of the children but because they know it will upset their ex to lose custody. They view it as a “win” to get custody from the ex. Little do they realize that it’s the children who will “lose” in such a game.

If faced with a break-up such as this, always remember to put the needs of the children first. You’ll be glad you did.