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Property Owners Should Hire Slip and Fall Attorneys in Norwich, CT, After Accidents

Slip-and-fall claims are hard to prove because there are many possible defenses. For instance, if one falls due to a temporary hazard such as a wet floor, the premises’ owner will likely argue that the spill happened so quickly that it was unpreventable. Hiring a slip and fall injury attorney in Norwich, CT, to prove a person’s partial responsibility for his or her own injuries can reduce or eliminate a claim.

What Can a Premises’ Owner do if Someone Falls on the Property?

If someone is injured on a property, the owner should notify their insurer right away. Most policies require customers to notify the insurer of a potential claim within a limited time after its occurrence. In cases in which a victim may have been inattentive or careless, witness testimony can be crucial. It may also be beneficial to document the property’s condition by taking photos soon after the incident. Lastly, if the slip-and-fall happened due to a permanent condition, it should be resolved as soon as possible. An accident puts a property owner on notice of a potential danger, and the owner can face additional liability for subsequent injuries.

Tips for Property Owners on Preventing Slip-and-Fall Injuries

All premises owners can decrease or eliminate the chances of an accident by monitoring properties for hazardous conditions. Snow, water and ice are common causes of injuries, and property owners should take immediate action to minimize these dangers. If other issues are found, they should be quickly resolved. Visit this website to find out how the maintenance defense can block most personal injury claims brought against property.

Some insurance companies offer free consultations to reduce potential property hazards, and having a contractor or architect evaluate the premises can provide further insight into possible issues. Property owners should not ignore past minor accidents or expert advice, because these things put them on notice of dangerous conditions. Knowing of a risk and disregarding it is a sure path to liability for property owners.

Does a Property Owner Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Slip-and-fall cases are tricky for plaintiffs to prove, but they can be very lucrative in some cases. A slip and fall injury attorney in Norwich, CT, can provide a property owner with a legitimate defense, and Stephen M. Reck can guide them through the complex legal process.