Getting Full Medical Compensation with Workers Compensation Attorneys in Edison NJ

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Workers Compensation

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Worker’s compensation serves to pay for medical care related to workplace injuries and unearned income for living expenses. This kind of legal protection is mandatory for employers to provide, but it does not mean initial benefits decently cover the cost of medical bills and lost wages. Employees should know what their employers are responsible for. Employers must acknowledge the injury, wait for a doctor’s medical report and start the paperwork for benefits right away. Injured workers have applied for benefits and been denied by the employer’s insurance provider before. If employees are denied any type of compensation or benefits they have a right to, Workers Compensation Attorneys Edison NJ can step in to enforce the law.

All workplace injuries are not treated the same as to the type of accommodations an injured worker gets after an injury. Some injuries are serious enough for an employee to lose the use of some or all of their compensable body parts. This means something they used to complete their job duties, such as hands or a normal functioning back, is not fully serviceable anymore. Even after healing from the injury, occupational tasks may not be done proficiently. A worker may be entitled to a permanent impairment award. This award is a benefit independent from worker’s compensation. The sum of the award is calculated based on how much earned income is expected to be lost as a consequence of the injury. Workers Compensation Attorneys in Edison NJ evaluate cases to see if clients qualify for benefits of this kind. Browse website for more

Employers and their worker’s compensation insurance providers may take advantage of an uninformed injured worker. No one can explain the rights workers have better than Workers Compensation Attorneys Edison NJ. By consulting with an attorney, clients have access to information they would not be able to obtain from any other source. With legal support from Harrell Smith & Williiams LLC, they will be prepared for anything that can lead to a setback in progress. Insurance companies cannot get away with any plan of action meant to sabotage a case. Their prowess as worker’s compensation attorneys countervail any efforts to challenge the validity of a case or reduce benefits.