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What to Look For in a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lithonia, GA

Choosing the right lawyer can make a substantial difference in the outcome and difficulty of a bankruptcy case. A lawyer who doesn’t know bankruptcy law can make the process harder, and they can also leave the client’s assets vulnerable. In this brief article, readers will learn which qualities to look for in a bankruptcy lawyer in Lithonia, GA.

The Lawyer Regularly Takes Bankruptcy Cases

Bankruptcy is a complex, specialized area of law and attorneys who don’t regularly handle such cases might not be able to predict all the potential risks. This can result in a case dismissal or the loss of the client’s assets and properties. When selecting an attorney, the client should find one who handles bankruptcy cases on a regular basis. For instance, it’s not a good idea to ask a family lawyer to handle a bankruptcy unless they commonly accept such cases.

Knowledge of Local Trustees and Rules

In addition to federal rules, every district has its own regulations and rules on bankruptcy, and each trustee may have requirements of their own. If the client wants the case to go smoothly, they should choose a lawyer through who knows the rules of the local court and trustees.


Bankruptcy cases differ in complexity and the time required for successful completion. For instance, a chapter 13 filed by a self-employed person may involve more issues than a chapter 7 for someone who has no assets. If the case is simple, it may make more sense to hire a lawyer with less experience but who can still handle the case with competence.

Reasonable Fees

Most people who contemplate bankruptcy don’t have much money to spend on legal expenses. The attorney’s fees typically depend on the circumstances of the case, and upon the chapter of bankruptcy being filed.

* The more complexity there is in a chapter 7 case, the more one pays in attorney’s fees, and most lawyers don’t file the case until fees are paid.

* Most jurisdictions impose limits on attorney’s fees in chapter 13 cases, so there’s not much variance between attorneys. However, the difference can lie in the amount of the lawyer’s upfront payment.

Filing a bankruptcy case requires a significant amount of paperwork as well as open communication between client and attorney. Choose a bankruptcy lawyer in Lithonia, GA who promptly returns emails and calls and who can easily answer questions during the case.

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