What to Do When Charged with Drunk Driving in Stoughton

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Lawyers

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Normal driving infractions usually don’t require the assistance of a lawyer. If you are charged with running a stop sign, for example, that’s a simple infraction. Even if you intend to fight the accusation on your court date, you can usually argue your own case. A drunk driving charge is not a normal driving infraction, however.

Because of the level of danger posed by intoxicated drivers, it can be charged as a criminal matter. Depending on your state, you could even lose your license after two charges of driving while drunk. So, if you are charged with operating a vehicle while drunk, you need to contact a lawyer.

Contact a Lawyer

Contacting a lawyer is the first thing you should do when charged with drunk driving in Stoughton. There are many different defenses you can mount. There are affirmative defenses in which your attorney will argue that you have done what you are accused of but mitigating circumstances should reduce the punishment.

You can also choose to fight the charges completely. That is sometimes difficult to prove, especially if your blood-alcohol level was analyzed. The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC is an example of a firm that will be able to build a proper defense.

Keep Records

You should keep records of as much as possible. You need records from before and after you were charged with drunk driving. These sorts of things can help you argue your case. For example, if you have charity work in the past it could prove your community-minded nature. Other things such as job stress could be seen as mitigating factors.

A case of driving while intoxicated is very complex and requires some serious thought. You should contact an attorney as quickly as possible to help you formulate your defense plan. Your license could depend on it.