Building A Case With Wrongful Death Lawyers In Vermont

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Lawyers

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In Vermont, families retain the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit based on how their loved one died. The case must be based on circumstances that could have been prevented. While these cases are often associated with criminal offenses, these aren’t the only circumstances that lead to a wrongful death. The following is a review of how families build a case with Wrongful Death Lawyers in Vermont.

How Did the Victim Die?

These cases can be related to auto accidents, medical malpractice, dog attacks, or criminal offenses. Additional circumstances could also include accidental shootings, involuntary manslaughter, and the results of boating accidents. The exact event that led to the fatality must be linked to the reason that the victim died.

Forensic Testing and Data

All wrongful death lawsuits require an autopsy. The autopsy defines the exact cause of death. Through forensic testing, the pathologist must show how the injuries related to the event caused the victim to die. This presents a liability for the defendant and shows how they are accountable for the victim’s death. It also paints a picture of how the fatality could have been avoided.

Reviewing Connecting Cases

Criminal cases often connect to a wrongful death lawsuit. Typically, the lawsuit for wrongful death is filed concurrently with the criminal case or after a verdict has been rendered. The results of the criminal case can play a role in showing that the defendant was responsible for the victim’s death.

What Families can Expect

Families who file these lawsuits acquire compensation for all monetary losses. This includes medical expenses and funeral costs. Spouses can also acquire compensation for the loss of financial support as well as their children. They could acquire lifetime earnings in which the victim could have generated.

In Vermont, families have the legal right to seek compensation if they lose a loved one through avoidable circumstances. These circumstances could equate to criminal actions, unfortunate accidents, and medical errors. These cases require an autopsy to identify the exact cause of death. Families that need to review these cases with Wrongful Death Lawyers in Vermont contact McVeigh Skiff LLP for more information now.