Why It’s Crucial to Contact A Workers Compensation Attorney In Melbourne FL After Sustaining An Injury On The Clock

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Lawyer

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When an employee sustains an injury while working their employer is usually responsible for compensating them for any medical bills or lost wages that result. The problem is that some employers fail to carry the required insurance and may try to get out of paying compensation to save money. Fortunately, a Workers Compensation Attorney in Melbourne FL is standing by to offer assistance and will ensure an injured person gets the compensation they are due.

Wage Compensation

Missing out on wages will cause financial stress for the millions of people all over the world that live paycheck to paycheck. When an employer is responsible for the injuries a person sustains, they may be legally required to compensate the person experiencing the loss. If a person is not able to work after an injury, then discuss the specifics of the incident with an attorney and determine if compensation for lost wages is likely.

Medical Bill Payments

Even a minor injury may lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills by the time doctor fees and other diagnostic tests are factored in. If an employee has medical insurance, the employer should still be the one to bear the brunt of the responsibility. If an employer or their insurance company is refusing to pay, it is best to hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Melbourne FL to offer guidance and ensure the most favorable outcome possible.

Job Reassignment

In some instances the injuries sustained may prevent a person from returning to their regular job duties, and in this case, the employer is required to find a position that is suitable for them based upon their limitations. If an employer refuses to accommodate and instead terminates them, they may be violating multiple labor laws. Talk to a lawyer and determine if an employer is trying to brush a problem under the rug rather than following through with their responsibilities.

Navigating the laws of a case involving employment law violations isn’t easy, and should be carefully handled by a legal professional.The team at Matheson & Horowitz have helped countless people get the financial compensation they are due after a workplace injury. Call today to learn more and get a free case evaluation without delay.