Protecting Children at Risk with a Family Law Attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Lawyers

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In Missouri, guardianship assignments are provided when a child is at risk and needs immediate protection. Family members must follow the guidelines for reporting allegations of abuse, neglect, or other risks to the child. A family law attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO helps petitioners seeking a guardianship to protect a minor.

Reporting the Risk to Child Protective Services

The risk to the child is reported to child protective services. The petitioner must provide all known details about the risk to the authorities. Once child protective services are contacted, local law enforcement helps the agency if the child is in imminent danger.

The Findings of the Home Investigation

A social worker is assigned to the case and conducts a home study. The child is interviewed by the social worker, and the home is inspected. In these cases, the social workers evaluate the child for signs of abuse or neglect. However, if the risk to the child is drug or alcohol addiction, then the parent must be evaluated for signs of addiction. The findings of the home study and investigation are sent to the family court judge assigned to the case.

Temporary Child Custody

A family member is within their legal rights to seek temporary custody of the child when a risk is present. The courts provide the assignment for up to one year. During the assignment, the guardian makes all decisions for the child. The court is not likely to provide visitation for the accused parent unless supervised.

The Formal Hearing

After one year, a formal hearing is scheduled for the child custody case. If a risk is still present in the home, the new guardian receives permanent custody of the child. Once the guardianship is granted, the biological parent’s rights could be terminated.

In Missouri, guardianships are provided when the biological parents are a risk to the child. Common circumstances that lead to the cases are sexual or physical abuse, neglect, and addiction. The petitioner must present evidence of their allegations and offer a safe environment for the child. Family members who need more information about guardianships can contact a family law attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO through the Dana Outlaw Law Office today. You can also visit them on Facebook.