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A Bail Bond Agent in Madison AL Is Ready to Help Defendants Get Free From an Overcrowded Jail

Various reports confirm that many county jails have been overcrowded for years, with a large percentage of inmates there on drug charges. If they cannot afford cash bail, they may be able to receive assistance from a Bail Bond Agent Madison AL has available.

Jail vs. Prison

Being in jail is quite different than prison incarceration. Many jail inmates have not yet been convicted of the charges. They may be unable to afford bail or the fee for a surety bond. A judge may have denied them release on bail. In other cases, the inmate has been convicted of a felony, but the offense was not a violent one. Possession of a certain amount of an illegal drug is a common example. Another person might be serving 30 days for a misdemeanor.

The Issue of Overcrowding

Numbers of inmates in many jails routinely go well over the maximum that was originally intended. People commonly envision jail as a place where each inmate is locked in a separate cell, or maybe with two people to a cell. In reality, most of the inmates are together in large rooms as a group. If someone causes trouble, this person is usually removed from the group.

This crowded jail can be a scary situation for somebody brought to the jail after being arrested. The place is noisy and guards must sometimes break up fights. This individual is anxious to contact a Bail Bond Agent in Madison AL has available and obtain release.

Many U.S. residents are unaware of the problems occurring with county jail overcrowding, and with so many inmates having to stay there before trial for nonviolent offenses. The environment may not be as bleak as that of state prisons, but it still is not a place where anyone wants to be trapped for days, weeks or months.

An Escalating Problem

County sheriffs and other law enforcement officials wish that drug-related offenses would become less common, but instead, the problem is escalating. Agents with organizations like A Discount Bonding Co. Inc want to help defendants maintain their right to freedom before trial. Anyone who needs help may visit online.