Bankruptcy Lawyers in Cartersville, GA Provide a Fresh Start

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Lawyer

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Facing debt and the onslaught of creditors is overwhelming, and most consumers don’t know where to turn when faced with this issue. Trusted bankruptcy lawyers can provide a safe and knowledgeable resource for homeowners, business people, and more.

Protect Your Property

A team of bankruptcy lawyers in Cartersville, GA know the laws and codes surrounding this situation, including repossession and foreclosure. People faced with bankruptcy may worry about losing their homes, their cars, and other possessions that they worked hard for. Qualified and experienced attorneys can walk their clients through the process and explain their rights to them along the way. For example, Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires taking into account the equity the client has in their home, as well as the property extension available. The situation is a bit different if the client is dealing with Chapter 13. In this instance, the factors to take into consideration include staying on time with mortgage payments. In that case, clients may keep their property as long as they’re continuing to make payments each month.

Understand Consumer Rights

This situation can be a lot to take in, which is why having a team of bankruptcy lawyers makes a world of difference. The Law Office of Brad Stephens, P.C. is a wonderful local resource that helps clients facing bankruptcy and other life-altering circumstances. One of the issues that these attorneys focus on is letting clients know their rights. Sometimes people can get caught up or intimidated by creditors and legal jargon that they forget to explore their own rights and what they can do about the situation. A lawyer can explain the different codes and chapters of bankruptcy and provide realistic next steps to get consumers out of deep trouble and on with their lives.

Bankruptcy and debt don’t have to signal the end of someone’s freedom. A team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers is ready to help.