5 Things a Personal Injury Lawyer in Centralia, WA Needs to Know

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer

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Personal injury lawsuits are complex, involving the documentation of fault and the assessment of damages. That is why, in most cases, victims hire personal injury lawyers for help. However, before the personal injury lawyer in Centralia, WA begins to work, they will ask some important questions about the incident. Below are five facts a personal injury attorney needs to know.

When the Incident Occurred

Knowing when the injury occurred or was discovered is of utmost importance. The statute of limitations requires that legal action be initiated within a certain period after an injury. If the time has expired, the victim may have no recourse.

Lost Wages, Medical Bills and Other Economic Losses

Determining the worth of a personal injury case depends on the number of provable damages. Items that can help an attorney include medical bills, dates of missed work, receipts for repaired property, and documentation of other injury-related expenses.

The Plaintiff’s Status at the Time of the Accident

In many cases, parties can share blame in an accident. For instance, if a potential defendant was at work at the time of another person’s injury, the at-fault party’s employer may be partially liable. Consult a local personal injury attorney with us for help in finding all at-fault parties.

Where the Accident Happened

The place where the injury occurred may also determine who is held responsible. If one is injured in a business or someone’s home, the tenant or property owner can be held liable under the premises liability doctrine.

If Anyone Involved Has Contacted the Plaintiff

Any contact made by other involved parties, such as phone calls, text messages, and emails that include an admission of fault, can be helpful at trial or during settlement negotiations. Additionally, the plaintiff should bring all correspondence from the other party’s attorneys and their insurance company.

It can be difficult to prove fault in a personal injury suit, especially if more than one party is to blame. However, having the right evidence and supporting documentation can make the process much easier. By providing the personal injury lawyer in Centralia, WA with enough information, a plaintiff can increase their chances of a successful claim.