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What a Criminal Lawyer in Manhattan, KS Can Do for You

Whenever you get into trouble in Kansas, you should consider consulting a lawyer to, at least, find out what your options are. Having a lawyer answer some pertinent questions about the finer points of the law may end up saving you money and time. A lawyer can also help keep nasty stuff off your personal record; things that could hamper employment or getting an apartment. There is a criminal lawyer in Manhattan, KS, who is willing to talk to you about any kind of legal trouble you may be experiencing.

Criminal law could be as simple as minor theft or shoplifting, or it could be as serious as kidnapping or sexual battery. DUI and drug charges are crimes that many people are often accused of in Kansas. Looking at these crimes alone, there are many things to consider. For a first offense, you can get a 30-day suspension of the license, mandatory alcohol education and mandatory alcohol treatment. For a second offense, a mandatory ignition interlock device may be added. When one continues to get a DUI, he or she could lose the license for a long time, or even permanently.

At certain points of breaking the law through DUI, a person could also face jail time, heavy fines, and confiscation of the vehicle. In some instances, the Per Se law comes into effect. This does not work well for those who think it is ok to drive after having only one or two drinks. The bottom line is, if your blood alcohol content level has passed the threshold of 0.08%, you are considered legally drunk. If the law enforcement official has determined you have failed the sobriety test, you are drunk, no matter how you feel. If you want to challenge this, however, you can search out a criminal lawyer in Manhattan, KS, who can help you defend yourself.

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