Why Hiring An Investment Fraud Attorney Matters

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Legal Services

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Investments are one of the ways individuals accumulate wealth and build a solid financial cushion. While not all investing activity turns out the way the individual hopes, there are times when a loss is not due to the poor judgment of the investor. When there is some suspicion an investment firm or bank has used strategies that are somewhat questionable, it makes sense to hire an Investment Fraud Attorney. Here are some of the things the attorney can do for the client.

Going Over the Agreements Between the Client and the Firm

One of the first things the Investment Fraud Attorney will want to do is go over the contracts and other documents governing the relationship between the client and the firm. The goal is to determine if all of the covenants made with the client were, in fact, honored by that firm. When there is evidence those covenants were violated in any way, there may be grounds to take legal action against the firm. This is especially true if those violations directly led to a loss of assets for the client.

Considering the Possibility of Misrepresentation

The attorney will also be on the lookout for any signs the firm failed to accurately present information to the client. When there is evidence relevant data was withheld from the client, and that action led to investment decisions that ultimately created losses for the client, the attorney does have grounds to file suit. In the best case scenario, it may be possible to recover at least a portion of the loss.

Other Questionable Actions

In general, the attorney will seek to determine if any violations of the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act have taken place. This is more complicated than most people realize. Since the attorney is familiar with the nuances of law that apply, it will be easier to determine if the client’s losses are due to questionable actions made by a representative of the investment firm or if the losses have to do with factors outside the control of the investor or the firm.

If there is any suspicion the investment firm has been less than honorable in the interactions with the investor, now is the time to visit website. Talk with an attorney today. Doing so increases the potential for a favorable outcome and the chance to recover from the loss.