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Why Hire Disability Insurance Claim Lawyers in North Miami FL?

Short and long-term disability insurance are offered by most employers and are available at reasonable rates for those who work for companies that do not make this type of insurance available. The purpose is to provide payment of medical expenses and an income should a disability result from an accident, illness, or incident.


There are times when the insurance company opposes a claim for a multitude of reasons. The result is delays in payment or denial of payment leaving the disabled person to fend for himself. Why is there so much difficulty in collecting the money you have paid premiums to ensure?


Insurance companies employ a team of lawyers to save as much money as possible when a claim is filed. This explains why a mistake on paperwork, the wording of the doctor’s description of the issue, or failure to indicate the approximate length of the disability will lead to denial of benefits. Delays and denials are tactics used to increase the profits of the insurance company.

This is the main reason for hiring disability insurance claim lawyers in North Miami FL. Going up against lawyers is not a task in which the average person is successful. Not only is experience on the side of the insurance lawyers, people with a disability are at a disadvantage due to the stress and pain experienced in the situation.


Instead of allowing frustration and financial hardship to impede healing, hire a lawyer. If the thought of cost prevents seeking legal representation, there are two facts to keep in mind. The first is that most Disability Insurance Claim Lawyers in North Miami FL offer free consultations.

The second fact is that Florida law indicates that the insurance company pays lawyer fees when a case is won. In most situations the company settles out of court to avoid the results becoming public knowledge. Settlements remain confidential while court outcomes are a matter of public record.

Selecting a Lawyer

Many lawyers can close cases through negotiation or mediation and lack court room experience. It is wise to find one that has experience presenting cases in court. This means the lawyer can handle the case regardless of the process. Feel free to click here for further information.