Personal Injury Attorneys in Huntington WV Represent Clients After Claim Denials Alleging Pre-Existing Conditions

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Lawyer

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Accident victims may need to hire Personal Injury Attorneys Huntington WV if an insurance company disputes their claim. Automotive insurers might disagree that a vehicle accident claim is valid if the injured person had previously been diagnosed with a chronic, painful condition, for example. The insurer might deny a claim for post-traumatic stress if the individual had previously shown ongoing signs of mental illness or instability.

Fair Financial Compensation

People who have been seriously harmed physically, emotionally, or both due to the negligence or recklessness of another individual deserve fair financial compensation. This is strongly believed by Personal Injury Attorneys Huntington WV has available for legal representation. The settlement money is intended to pay for the victim’s medical treatment and lost wages while they cannot work. There also may be a demand for compensation for reduced quality of life.

A Reason to Dispute the Claim

In some instances, the fault of the other driver is so obvious that the insurance company cannot call that aspect into question. Because paying as little as possible is naturally in the interest of insurers, the adjusters may look for other reasons to deny the claim or reduce the amount paid out. They obtain medical records showing that the victim already suffered from a condition like fibromyalgia or had been seeing a chiropractor regularly for chronic back pain.

Obtaining Evidence

Attorneys at an organization such as Stapleton Law Offices must prove that the claimant’s current difficulties are due to the accident and not some other cause. They may have paralegals research similar prior cases and have an investigator conduct interviews to learn more. For example, people who knew the injured person before the accident may be interviewed. Expert witnesses may be called on to weigh in.

Medical professionals must provide enough evidence to convince the insurance company that the accident caused or significantly worsened the health problem. A person who had been receiving treatment for chronic back pain may have been able to function very well until the vehicle crash will need to prove that point. Anyone who is interested in legal representation may Visit online to get started.