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Who Can Benefit From Hiring Veterans Affairs Lawyers in Vero Beach, FL?

When men and women agree to commit their lives to service of their country, they are making a great sacrifice for the protection of the country. They risk their own personal safety for the sake of helping their fellow citizens, and when that safety is jeopardized, and they are injured, veterans deserve to be taken care of at least as well as they have taken care of the country they are fighting for. Unfortunately, the government often fails to follow through on its end of the bargain. Veterans who hire Veterans Affairs Lawyers in Vero Beach FL are much more likely to receive the timely and appropriate response they deserve from the government they have devoted their lives to serving.

Veterans disability benefits are supposed to provide for service members who are physically injured, become ill or experience mental health issues as a result of their service even if those problems do not manifest themselves until after they have returned to civilian life. There are three qualifications to determine who is eligible to receive veterans disability benefits. The first is that the applicant has a current and medically diagnosed disability. The second is that the disability, whether it be an injury, an illness or a mental health problem, has to have occurred over the course of the applicant’s military service. Lastly, it must be proven that the disability is a result of something that occurred at that time.

Veterans Affairs Lawyers in Vero Beach FL help their clients to prove they meet these conditions by reviewing medical records, conducting interviews, and representing them in court. For those whose claims have been denied or who believe they have not received sufficient benefits, seeking a lawyer is essential. However, it can also be extremely helpful to hire a lawyer prior to the initial application process. A lawyer can help applicants to ensure their applications comply with often complex rules and regulations, sort through paperwork, and decrease the amount of time and energy required to complete the entire process.

Lawyers at the office of Matheson Horowitz & Devonmille are committed to representing their clients and helping disabled veterans get the benefits they deserve.