Attorneys Providing Service in Family Law in Milwaukee WI Help Divorced Parents Prevent Harmful Effects on the Kids

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Lawyers

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When parents get divorced, it often has harmful effects on the children. This can be difficult to prevent even in the best of circumstances, and is much more probable when the divorce is contentious. If possible, a shared physical custody arrangement helps children maintain a close relationship with both parents, but there are many factors to deal with when a youngster lives in two separate households. An attorney representing clients in family law in Milwaukee WI counsels these individuals on how to make the transition a smooth one and how to deal with various issues as they crop up.

Shared physical custody for school-age children is generally best when both parents live in the same community or nearby. They must be able to transport their kids to the same school. Some parents do manage a shared physical custody arrangement while living further apart. The children spend Friday evening through Sunday night or Monday morning with the parent who lives outside the school district. The children also may live with that parent through the bulk of school vacations and holidays, and summers may present the opportunity for a more even arrangement.

Problems may develop as the kids get older if the parents are trying to do this from locations that are somewhat far apart. Especially when the children reach their teen years, they may not like having to spend a great deal of time in another community, away from their friends and extracurricular activities. Attorneys from an organization offering service in Family Law in Milwaukee WI can continue to help the ex-spouses navigate these difficult waters. Virtual visitation, for example, is an option that can allow parents and kids to spend quality time together when they are not in the same location. If the children truly want to end the shared physical custody arrangement because of their own social and personal development needs, an organization such as Horizons Law Group can help the parents design a new custody and visitation agreement. The noncustodial parent normally should be included in attendance in the teen’s activities such as band concerts and athletic games. Click here for more details on this law firm.