When To Hire An Accident Attorney

by | May 28, 2019 | Personal Injury

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Most of us will be involved in at least one car accident in our lifetime. Car accidents can be stressful, but Ginnis and Krathen, accident attorneys Fort Lauderdale, can help. There are several benefits that can be reaped from hiring an accident attorney.

Investigate Your Claim

Insurance companies are not always on your side. In fact, they will try to do everything that they can to undercompensate you. They will also try to find ways to deny your claim. Your car accident attorney will thoroughly investigate the claim. They will make sure that the other party or insurance company will not try to wrongfully deny the claim.

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

Negotiating with an insurance company can be a stressful ordeal. You are already dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. The last thing that you should have to do is negotiate with the insurance company. If you hire an attorney, then you will not have to worry about doing this. Your attorney will speak to the insurance company on your behalf.

Advise You on What a Fair Settlement Is

Insurance companies rarely give a fair settlement. If you do not know much about car accident claims, then you may not know what a fair settlement is. Your attorney will make sure that you get a fair settlement.

It is important to note that there may be long-term costs associated with getting into an accident. For example, you may need physical therapy after your accident. That is why it is important to get the proper amount of compensation.

Establish Fault

People are advised to file a police report after the accident. The police officer will investigate the accident and determine who is at fault. However, if fault is not established, then the attorney can determine who is at fault.

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