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Managing a Product Liability Case with Personal Injury Attorneys in Live Oak, FL

In Florida, product liability cases are based on a flaw in the design or an error created when the product was created. The issue leads to a consumer-related injury when the defective product is used. Local personal injury attorneys in Live Oak, FL assist consumers who sustained injuries due to a faulty product.

Filing a Report About the Product

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency has the authority to mitigate risks related to any products released to the public. After a consumer is injured while using any product, the consumer has the right to report it to the federal agency. The agency assesses the product for risks, and it can issue a recall for the product if it is dangerous.

What Happens During a Recall?

A product recall enables the Consumer Rights Protection Agency to pull the product from the shelves of retailers. The manufacturer may be required to fix the flaw and/or provide a refund for all consumers. If the injuries are serious, the findings of the agency could lead to civil litigation.

Collecting Evidence for a Legal Claim

Any claimant filing a lawsuit must secure the exact product that they used when they were injured. The product is tested by an independent lab secured by the attorney. The forensic testing determines if injuries are possible if the product is used in the same way that the consumer used it. The findings and the consumer’s medical records are used to support their legal claim.

What Type of Award Is Possible?

The consumer could collect damages that equate to all their financial losses in addition to pain and suffering. The claimant must provide invoices for all their medical expenses. If they lost wages due to their recovery, the claimant must acquire statements show the exact value.

In Florida, product liabilities are based on a manufacturer’s failure to present a safe product to consumers. The flaw or hazard is either present in the design itself or was created when workers assembled or mixed the product. A local attorney provides legal representation for consumers who were injured. Consumers who want to start a legal claim can contact personal injury attorneys in Live Oak, FL or visit right now.