What to Expect from Your Attorney: How to Approach and Build a Relationship with Criminal Lawyers in Brockton

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Lawyers

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Modern day society makes a lot of negative associations with a criminal accusation or conviction and the integrity or character of an individual. Sometimes these judgments are unfair and inaccurate; in all instances, it is inappropriate for lawyers to make such judgments. However, due to this negativity and fear of being misjudged, many people are hesitant to discuss or admit to accusations or prosecution against them, even to criminal lawyers.

Reality of Calling a Lawyer

The reality of reaching out to a lawyer is very different. Many of these common fears are largely unfounded and are based on myths or misinformation. A lawyer will be upfront and honest about your situation and will begin to organize the facts to form a defense or other legal recommendation. This could represent the first time after an arrest or warrant that you feel proactive about the circumstances, rather than fearing the unknown. Often times, speaking with a lawyer provides clarity and direction during a confusing and emotional time.

In the initial meeting at The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC, the criminal lawyers will be welcoming, straightforward, and nonjudgmental. This Brockton law firm has practiced in criminal law for a number of years and has experience with all types of criminal defense. In each case, there was no judgment, assumptions, or expectations of a client due to the accusations (or even prior conviction) of a specific crime. Rather, there was simply a desire to provide legal help.

Expectations of an Attorney/Client Relationship

Attorneys who enter the legal profession as criminal defense lawyers do so because they truly want to assist individuals who happen to be accused of a crime. For many lawyers, there are easier areas of practice, but criminal law was a special, professional calling. There is an underlying desire within most of these lawyers to provide the best defense possible and obtain the best outcome. These are the motivations of criminal lawyers in Brockton when undertaking each and every case, and these desires shape the relationship between the attorney and the client.