Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer in Rochester MN Will Decline a Case

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Lawyer

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When filing a personal injury suit, a client may be surprised to hear that an attorney will not accept their case. A rejection should not be taken personally, as attorneys frequently turn down cases for many reasons. However, if a case is rejected more than once, it may not be as strong as the victim believes it is. Click Here for several reasons why a Personal Injury Lawyer in Rochester MN may decline a case.

Government Immunity

If an injury occurs on public property, a victim must file a claim before suing the responsible entity. However, goverment agencies and employees are immune to many types of litigation, meaning they cannot be held liable unless they act maliciously, recklessly or negligently. A lawyer who sees immunity concerns may not be able to take a case.

The Circumstances of the Case

Unfortunately, a person’s immediate feelings do not do much for a case. If the victim has not suffered financial or physical injuries, the lawyer may pass on the case because it would be difficult to assemble a damages claim. If a victim contributes to his or her own injury, an attorney may decline the case because damages cannot be recovered.

Shopping Around

Getting an idea of the value of a case is very important. However, a client looking for the highest bidder may find attorneys unwilling to take the case. If a person’s first concern is the size of the award, all they end up with is the best storyteller, not the best attorney. Clients should consider that lawyers are not permitted to offer a guarantee on results.

Financial Problems

Attorneys are businesspeople, and while most want to help, they all have to consider whether a case is worth the effort and time. When a lawyer sees a case as unwinnable, they may turn it down. The same applies to cases of low value, such as minor auto accident claims.


Lawyers are permitted to decide which cases they take. Some are too busy, some are too far away, and some are going on vacation. In most instances, a client should not be offended if a Personal Injury Lawyer in Rochester MN declines their case. Thankfully, there are many personal injury lawyers in the local area.