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What Steps Does A Car Accident Attorney In Hollywood, FL Follow?

In Florida, automobile accident victims need a strong claim to acquire compensation. These claims must present the court with vital details about the accident and the responsible driver. A Car Accident Attorney in Hollywood FL provides assistance with these claims today.

Acquire the Accident Report

The accident report defines a multitude of elements associated with the accident. It presents all victims involved and their insurance information. It also identifies what driver caused the accident and what happened exactly. This document is needed for the victim to file a claim through the accountable driver’s insurance policy.

Review All Attempts to Acquire Compensation

The attorney must review all attempts to acquire compensation through the insurance policy. The state requires full disclosure of any funds received by the victim for their medical or auto repair expenses. The victim must provide a list of all funds acquired. In some cases, the state may prevent the victim from acquiring additional compensation once the insurance has provided a settlement.

Examine the Possibility of Comparative Fault

Comparative fault indicates that the victim shared a portion of fault in the accident. Any percentage assigned to the victim for this reason incurs a deduction. The value assigned to the percentage is deducted from the total settlement acquired through the claim. Any percentage beyond fifty percent forfeits the victim’s right to any compensation. This indicates that they are at fault equally and responsible for their own expenses.

The Victim’s Medical Records

The victim’s medical records must provide a clear picture of their injuries. They must show that the injuries are conducive to an automobile accident. The victim cannot include any injuries that occurred before or after the accident. The court reviews their medical records to make this distinction.

In Florida, automobile accident victims present their case to the court to acquire compensation. They need key elements to prove validity of their claim. This includes the accident report and their medical records. They must disclose any funds they acquired through insurance claims outside of the legal claim. Victims who need a Car Accident Attorney in Hollywood FL should contact the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff, P.A. for more information as well.