Levels Of Appeal If You Are Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Lawyer

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To many people it doesn’t seem right that they pay into Social Security all through their working life only to be denied benefits when they are disabled and unable to earn an income. Although it may seem unfair, the system is designed to assist those that need help the most. For those that apply for benefits only to be denied, this is not necessarily the end of the line, there is a multi-stage appeals process available to those applicants that are not granted benefits. Although many people opt to apply independently, once the application is denied it is best to hire a disability lawyer in Missouri.

Step one; request for reconsideration:

The first step after denial of benefits is to request that your application be reconsidered. This is a full review of your claim; it is done by someone other than the individual that made the initial decision. In the greatest majority of cases the claim is denied again. At this stage some applicants elect not to pursue their claim, this is a mistake.

Step two; a hearing:

Once the request for reconsideration is denied the next step is to ask for a hearing in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge. The administration allows you 60 days to make this request. Ann Administrative Law Judge is an attorney that is employed by the SSA, their task involves either upholding prior decisions to deny benefits or overturn prior rulings. It is at this siege when the majority of applicants succeed in getting benefits. Prior to the date of the hearing is when your disability lawyer in Missouri does a great deal of work ensuring that your records are current and that you are prepared to answer questions posed by the ALJ.

If you lose the hearing you can pursue the claim further, you can ask the Appeals Council to review the case; if they too deny the application your disability lawyer in Missouri can file a lawsuit in Federal Court.

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