What Happens to the Bail Bondsman in Elk City Oklahoma in These Three Scenarios

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Legal Exclusive

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Many people have natural reservations about cosigning on a bail bond. They want to know what they are responsible for and how. The bail bondsman in Elk City Oklahoma is not a government-funded professional. He or she is providing a service. When the accused is arrested, the bail bondsman offers a service that the state has little to do with. They are separate entities, and individuals need to work with the system set in place.

The bail bondsman in Elk City Oklahoma takes a fee for the bail. It could be paid upfront or in monthly installments. The bail fee is dictated by the court and is usually a standard. The bonds professional at Bonnie’s Bail Bonds Inc will also request a legally binding agreement that will enforce the need for a cosigner. The cosigner is taking responsibility for the accused if he or she does not appear in court. There are three common scenarios that could affect the cosigner.

If the accused does not appear in court: If the accused does not appear at the time demanded of them, a cosigner may be held responsible for any legal processing fees accumulated with their lack of appearance. They are never legally responsible for their appearance in any other way beside financial.

If bail is not paid in full: The bail is paid by the cosigner. Any arrangement for the accused to pay them back is an independent agreement. The bail needs to be paid as agreed upon in the contract. So, a cosigner is making a declaration that they will pay it in full. If not, they can be held responsible by the state.

The case is dismissed and bail relinquished: if the case is dismissed or the bail is relinquished, then the cosigner will receive the funds. It is not given to the accused in this scenario.

A Bail Bondsman in Elk City Oklahoma will likely work with the cosigner to answer all questions asked. A cosigner is taking on some responsibility, but it does not all fall on them.