Understanding Workers Compensation Law In Sunbury, PA

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Lawyer

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In Pennsylvania, worker-related injuries require adequate compensation to cover the cost of medical treatment. Workers who sustain more complex injuries and cannot return to work require monetary benefits. The benefits equate up to eighty percent of their wages. Under Workers Compensation Law in Sunbury PA, all employers must provide benefits to all workers who qualify.

What are the Common Deadlines for Claims?

The original claim must be filed within thirty days of the accident that produced the injuries. The worker must notify their direct supervisor or contact their human resources department immediately. The doctor that provides care for the worker must submit the medical report within ten days of the worker’s diagnosis and treatment. Any legal claims filed for the worker-related accident have a statute of limitations of two years.

What are Claims Managed?

The claim is forwarded to a claim’s adjuster who reviews the worker’s injuries and how the injuries were produced. The assessment determines if the worker followed all company policies and if the worker played any role in producing their injuries. For example, a worker who fails a drug or alcohol assessment is liable for their own injuries and won’t receive worker’s compensation benefits.

How Does the Worker Know if They are Approved?

The claim’s adjuster sends a letter to the worker’s home explaining the decision. If the worker was approved, the letter explains when they receive monetary benefits. If the claim is denied, the worker receives an exact reason for the denial.

What Happens if the Claim is Denied?

The worker has the right to file an appeal for a reconsideration of their claim. If the claim is denied again, the worker also has the right to file a legal claim against their employer and insurer. Their attorney reviews their claim and determines if they have a viable case.

In Pennsylvania, worker-related injuries could prevent workers from returning to work. Under the circumstances, the workers require assistance to support them financially. Worker’s compensation insurance provides monetary benefits and payment for all medical treatment related to the injuries. Workers who need help under Workers Compensation Law in Sunbury PA contact an attorney or Click Here for more info.