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A Child Custody Attorney in Waxahachie, TX Will Provide You with the Legal Advice You Need

Parents who have to negotiate a child agreement can become very frustrated with the process and the outcome when they do not have an experienced child custody attorney in Waxahachie, TX working for them. What may seem like common sense to one parent, will appear to be manipulation by the other parent. Child custody situations involve many emotional situations because both parents are concerned about the amount of time they will be able to spend with their child.

A couple who is going through a divorce often perceives each other as the enemy, and achieving a level of trust to come to a reasonable decision can be very difficult. A child custody attorney will provide a parent with the legal information they need to know to make rational decisions and guide them through the process. An attorney will also help a parent through any court hearing and paint them in the best light possible to the court.

Types of Custody

The court determines what type of conservatorship a parent will be granted and not custodial time. They will award joint managing conservatorship or sole managing conservatorship.

What Is Joint Managing Conservatorship (JMC)

This type of conservatorship is similar to joint custody in other states. Each parent would have an equal say in how their child is raised. The determination of visitation is covered under a separate section of a court order.

What Is Sole Managing Conservatorship? (SMC)

Sole managing conservatorship is when one person makes all of the decisions about how a child is raised. This includes their educational, medical, dental, and day-to-day activities. The court will award this type of custody if one of the parents is abusive, has a drug or alcohol problem, or is involved in criminal activity.

How Can an Attorney Help?

A child custody attorney in Waxahachie, TX can paint a parent in the best light possible to the court. They also have outstanding negotiation skills to work through issues with the other party to resolve them as quickly as possible. Also, a parent should protect their rights in a child custody proceeding.

Mallios & Associates PC have been helping clients in child custody cases and understood how the court will view situations. Browse the website for more information and learn how they can help.